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Loopy Lore is a co-op storytelling game where friends tell stories from start to finish, working together to reach the ending of their story. Using the cards and their imagination, they give shape to their tale, taking turns as the narrators of the story. Loopy Lore players start the game by drawing cards to create their world, plot, protagonist and ending, which are different every time. Each turn, the narrator flips a card from a set placed down on the table and must narrate its contents for 30 seconds.

The catch? All cards on the table are placed blindly, meaning they have to improvise while the timer is running. How would you, a blood-thirsty viking warrior, sneak into a wedding while being mobbed by lemurs? Choose a card and find out!

  • Players: 2-8
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Difficulty: Beginner, Party
  • Components:
    • 6 decks (Setting, Theme, Plot Twist, Role, Action, Place)
    • 324 poker sized cards
    • Manual (7 pages)
    • Structure Book (17 pages, 13 Structures)
    • World Building Board
    • Timer (30 seconds, use your phone if unavailable)
    • 3 Reuse Tokens (replace with coins, pieces of paper, etc.)

In Loopy Lore, everything is created on the spot. And we mean everything. World, plot, characters, goals, it's all made fresh in a matter of minutes using random draws. You will start off by creating all of these using our World Building system:

The ending of the story is composed of a Role, an Action and a Place. This is how players win. Reach this ending at the final round and the group wins. Remember: you must all work together in order to reach your goal

The story is constructed using template "Structures" that indicate how long and how many cards the story will have. All cards are placed face down on the table, so players don't know their content until they are flipped.

Here's an example of a Structure:

There are over 2500 plot combinations, 324 cards and 13 structures. Every adventure is guaranteed to be a unique story no matter how many times you play.

During the Storytelling phase, each player gets to flip one card and talk about it for 30 seconds. They can guide the tale into whatever direction they feel fits their card best, no matter how crazy or out of place it may get (ever seen a warlock beatbox? We have). However, other players may interject with a Plot Twist during another player's turn. These cards contain strange cues, and could be the perfect solution to a particular plot problem or the provide a record-scratching reaction out of the other players. Whether your group is digging for buried treasure, has to clean up radioactive jam or just cannot stop dancing, Plot Twists are the way to shake the story loose.

On top of all this, Plot Twist offer great perks for the narrator and the group. They can give narrators more time to narrate, recover tokens, even allows players to look at a faced-down card and choose to remove it from the story if they don't like it.

You can learn more about the game and support us through social media as well!

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GenreCard Game, Role Playing
TagsBoard Game, Casual, Co-op, Funny, party-game, Story Rich
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I'm gonna play it with my friend it seem fun ^^