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You are a Branded One, cursed to a horrible fate and left to rot at Deirnstall Keep as per tradition. As you wake up, you discover there is a possible cure for your Brand. Meduir can be used in the game for many things, most importantly leveling up, but it's a limited resource. Not to worry, the monsters around will provide plenty if defeated, but who's to say how long they'll stay down?

This game has been cancelled and will see no further updates. However, who's to say it won't see some sort of revival in the future?

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreSurvival, Role Playing
TagsDark Fantasy, Horror, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Right click and decompress the zip folder. Double click the Meduir executable. However, expect a LOT of bugs. I'm writing down a guide of things to do to reset the game, known bugs and how to avoid them.

  1. How to Delete Save.dat: go to your search bar and type %appData%. Return
    one window and access LocalLow > Evolvin Fear > Meduir. Delete the save.dat.
  2. Save File Loaded in Tutorial: Saving does not fully work in the game. Your best bet is deleting the save.dat and starting a new  game.
  3. New Game Buttons Not Working: Those simply don't work. You have to delete your save.dat to start a new game.
  4. Transported to Tutorial on Death: If you die in the game, you might be loaded back into the tutorial, unable to open any of survival and inventory windows. If this happens, your best bet is deleting the save.dat and starting a new game.
  5. Infinite Death Loop: You might get stuck in an infinite loop. In that case, restart the game and/or delete your save.dat file.
  6. Dungeon Elevator: There are 2 levers, inside and outside the elevator. Only use the one inside the Elevator. I recommend crouching and moving until you can operate it (the interaction is very... temperamental).
  7. Elevator pit: Don't jump into the elevator pit, there's no way out.
  8. Hovering Elevator Glitch:  You probably used the lever outside the elevator, which brought you halfway up, then used the lever inside the elevator, huh? Well, not to worry, just use the lever again and get out as it's going down, jump into the pit and land on the dungeon below (recommend you run towards the opening as you're following). Pull the lever in the dungeon and that should fix the positioning of the elevator.
  9. 2nd Floor Foyer Elevator: Don't go in. That's the end area of the game. It should have a door, but it doesn't
  10. Skills Are in Another Language: The skill description is in Portuguese. I'm attaching a translation of each skill and their effect as a txt file in the zip folder. Read it if you need it.
  11. Missing equipment: If you want to switch equipment, first you have to remove your currently equipped item, then equip the new one. There's a chance of deleting/locking equipment if you try quickly switch them.

Walkthrough (or best practices to avoid breaking the game):

  • Finish the tutorial prompts. Follow them to the letter. Once you're done with the combat tutorial, speak to the Groundskeeper once more
  • Do not fight any of the enemies. Even with the best gear in the game, surviving a battle is hard. Outrunning them is a lot easier. However, they CAN die and will give you Meduir in return.
  • Do not collect Meduir (blue spheres) if you're full of it. It'll consume the item and you'll gain nothing.
  • Go Level Up if you've reached maximum Meduir, there's a whole skill system in the game that is quite unique.
  • Picking up items is finicky. It doesn't register positioning or looking direction properly. Best I can say is just wiggle around while looking at the object until the hand appears.
  • Use the cell keys whenever you can, you'll get lots of goodies that way
  • Drop unwanted items in the Foyer/Main Hall. That area is mostly safe if you don't bring in enemies.
  • The Hedge Maze is the most dangerous area in the game, since you can't really tell where enemies are. It's also really dark. There's a brightness option if you press Escape. Increase that as you wish.
  • Escape does NOT pause the game, so be careful with that. Enemies will STILL attack you.
  • Don't use the "Edit Skills" option in the Groundskeeper Menu. It seems to lock you out of accessing it again.


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Shame that the game has ceased development. I felt that this game had some potential with the main way to level up as a limited resource.

Unfortunately I was unable to progress post the elevator, though I saw some others were able. But from what I saw, I liked most most of it. The visual design and atmosphere are outstanding, even if the music is a little cheesey and betrays some of the feel. I can't speak to most of the mechanics as I never made it far enough, but I love how streamlined the crafting system is. The monster design is fantastic, even if a bit rough right now, but the capture sequence needs to be either more or less scripted, as it is right now the animation and teleportation are a little awkward. The interaction trigger boxes seem all over the place too. Though with all the issues there are I can see how great this is going to be already. Detailed feedback at the end of the video. Keep up the great work!

Shoot me a message when there's a less buggy version and I'll gladly take a second look!

A very interesting game. Let me start off by saying it feels unique. I love the survival horror genre. The graphics are pretty good and it's definitely spooky. 

I did however find ALOT of bugs. Dying caused the game to freak out. And i went through walls alot. At one point i think i glitched into the final area of the game, but i have no idea. 

I like the game concept and i hope you get to the point where you can release a full version. It's better then alot of steam games i've played!


I have never played a student project with such detail. Despite the old style, this game has atmosphere, immersion, music, and creep factor sounds. Going through the game files, I remember some were dated early as 2013, an incredible amount of passion has gone into this. I appreciate and love every aspect of this game. Understandably being in Alpha, but  anything considered as a downside is completely overshadowed by the features included in such an intricate experience . Despite the tutorial bug, this is a professional  game.  The time and labor spent in developing this game is noticable in it's polished and unique style. I can't believe the quality of a FREE INDIE game this is. I intend to redownload the game and play it to completion on my own time. I truly hope this goes into full development. Thank you for such an awesome contribution to the community.